Teaching Teens To Break-Up

We can all agree that breaking up stinks.  It’s hard at any age.  But despite learning over the course of our lives how to build good relationships, how to be aware of the dangers of drugs and alcohol, why drinking and driving is a bad idea, and how to use social media appropriately, most teens […]

“Stayover relationships:” A new trend?

A new study came out recently that highlighted a possibly new trend in the relationships of 18-29 year olds.  It seems that they are choosing to be in committed relationships, spending multiple nights of the week together, while keeping their own apartments.  Many report that this allows them to have their own space, while being […]

Working Mothers: No Negative Impact

For a long time, working mothers have been worried that they were lacking as parents, that they were not good enough parents, and that they were negatively impacting their children.  Unfortunately, much of this belief was perpetuated in the media and in some research.  New information has come to light, however, that can reassure women […]

Is Generation X Avoiding Divorce?

Surprisingly, in today’s society, divorce is on the downswing.   Many of the news reports say that the divorce rate is about 50%.  That number is actually incorrect.  In fact, it relates to the rates of divorce in the 70s and 80s.  Current numbers indicate that the divorce rate has actually decreased.  It does lead […]

Does Beauty Equal Happiness?

Despite the fact that we have all been taught that beauty is only skin deep, ongoing research shows that looks can be beneficial and even make you happier. The research shows that looks are extremely beneficial for both men and women across many areas: job opportunities, monetary earnings, dating. Being attractive can give people an […]

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda…

A recent survey examined regret and in what areas Americans regret the most. The top five regrets are: ROMANCE 18.1% FAMILY 15.9% EDUCATION 13.1% CAREER 12.2% FINANCE 9.9% I am not surprised by the variety of regret, but I am concerned about the amount of regret people are experiencing. Many people spend time thinking about […]

Can Trying to Be Happy Make You Unhappy?

Can the pursuit of happiness actually be detrimental? New research reveals that it might. Firstly, though we have to answer the age-old question, what is happiness? Do we measure it as short-term, instant gratification or a long-term outlook? Most of us look at the short-term rather than long-term fulfillment. We always look at what we […]

The Three-Year Glitch

Warner Brothers just conducted a study that focused on relationships and what may cause them to start to break apart, and when. They surveyed 2000 British couples, at various stages of their relationships, and found that almost across the board, at around 36 months, there was a noteworthy shift. This shift either caused people to […]

Why do women hate themselves so much?

Recently, Glamour Magazine did a survey of approximately 300 women asking them to share their thoughts about their bodies.  The survey focused primarily on body image and the types of thoughts women have when thinking about their bodies.  Surprisingly, or perhaps not, 97% of the women reported having at least one “I hate  my body” […]

Relationship Expectations

A recent study by Match.com of almost 5000 singles turned a lot of what we think about what men and women want in relationships on hit head.  Generally, the typical stereotypes of what men and women want did not hold up in the research.  So often, it has been thought that women are the ones […]

Tips for happiness….

It’s hard to be happy all the time…even people that you know that appear happy all the time, probably aren’t. There are lots of factors that contribute to happiness: genetic, life circumstances and then personal choices. Believe it or not, our choices account for up to 40% of our happiness! That’s a pretty significant percentage, […]