Media and Tween Girls: Creating a Positive Influence

11 year-olds are getting bikini waxes.  9 year-olds are weight conscious (and some, by this age, have already dieted).  According to a recent survey on Yahoo! Shine, 25% of tweens and teens consider plastic surgery based on what they see on television.  The Girl Scout Research Institute, in talking with tween and teen girls about […]

Does Beauty Equal Happiness?

Despite the fact that we have all been taught that beauty is only skin deep, ongoing research shows that looks can be beneficial and even make you happier. The research shows that looks are extremely beneficial for both men and women across many areas: job opportunities, monetary earnings, dating. Being attractive can give people an […]

Teens and Tanning: Should they do it?

The statistics are alarming. Teens spend an inordinate amount of time and money going to tanning salons. The government is trying to create some restrictions on this practice, as it is so dangerous for teenagers in the long run, and melanoma rates are increasing. Tanning is alluring not only to teens but to adults as […]

Why do women hate themselves so much?

Recently, Glamour Magazine did a survey of approximately 300 women asking them to share their thoughts about their bodies.  The survey focused primarily on body image and the types of thoughts women have when thinking about their bodies.  Surprisingly, or perhaps not, 97% of the women reported having at least one “I hate  my body” […]