Teaching Teens To Break-Up

We can all agree that breaking up stinks.  It’s hard at any age.  But despite learning over the course of our lives how to build good relationships, how to be aware of the dangers of drugs and alcohol, why drinking and driving is a bad idea, and how to use social media appropriately, most teens […]

Teens Respond.

On Tuesday night, March 29th, I was lucky enough to speak with seven very intelligent teens about a recent video that had been posted to YouTube. The video was created by 13-year-old Alye Pollack of Westport, Connecticut. Throughout the video, Alye, never uttering a word, shows a series of handwritten signs to a camera, which […]

Teens and Tanning: Should they do it?

The statistics are alarming. Teens spend an inordinate amount of time and money going to tanning salons. The government is trying to create some restrictions on this practice, as it is so dangerous for teenagers in the long run, and melanoma rates are increasing. Tanning is alluring not only to teens but to adults as […]

Parents and Teens: Sharing Alcohol?

A recent study revealed that many parents believe it is okay to provide alcohol to their children, mostly as a way to introduce them to it and, hopefully, de-mystify it. In fact, in 31 states, parents can legally serve alcohol to their children. There are pros and cons to the idea of giving one’s child […]

Teen Sex: On the Decline?

A recent government survey conducted by the CDC reports that teens are having less sex than they have had in the past. In fact, the numbers being reported are that teens are having sex up to 6% less than in previous years, shifting from 78% of teens reporting engaging in sexual activity to 72%. This […]

Self-Injury and The Impact of YouTube

Non-suicidal self-injury is something that occurs amongst teens and young adults in alarming rates.  Current research indicates that almost 1 in 4 teens engages in some sort of deliberate self-harm as a means of regulating emotion.  This is an area of great interest to me and one that I specialize in within my private practice. […]

What should parents do? MTV’s Skins and teens.

MTV premiered their new show, Skins, on Monday, the 17th.  The show is adapted from the BBC version of the same name and follows 9 teenagers throughout their final 2 years of high school.  The show pushes the envelope in many ways, showing the impulsive, reckless side of being a teen.  These teens sneak out, […]

Surprise! Teens need more sleep!

No surprise here…teenagers do not get enough sleep.  For a long time this has been the case, and now, with texting, computers, and television taking teens late into the night, they definitely are not getting the amount of sleep that they need. A new study just came out indicating that if school started 30 minutes […]

Why Do Teens Do Stupid Things?

Teenagers have always done silly, risky and stupid things…throughout time it has always been this way.  But why do teens act this way? It is developmentally appropriate in many ways.  Their prefrontal cortex is not fully developed, and this is the area that manages impulsivity and judgment.  Since it is still in formation, it makes […]

Teen texting: It’s how they communicate

A recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that the percentage of teens who use text messaging to contact friends daily reached 54 percent in 2009, double that of 2006. Girls, ages 14-17, where the most active text messengers, with up to 100 texts a day…double that of most other teens. […]