Addiction and Its Impact

The music industry lost a great voice this past week when Amy Winehouse died.  She has had a long, and very public, struggle with addiction.  Ultimately, at  time when she may have actually been turning her life around, it lead to her death. There was another great loss over the past month in the fight […]

Parents and Teens: Sharing Alcohol?

A recent study revealed that many parents believe it is okay to provide alcohol to their children, mostly as a way to introduce them to it and, hopefully, de-mystify it. In fact, in 31 states, parents can legally serve alcohol to their children. There are pros and cons to the idea of giving one’s child […]

The Smoking Baby: Lessons For Parents

Over the past couple of weeks, the airwaves have been abuzz about the Indonesian toddler who smokes up to 2 packs a day. CBS went to Indonesia to see the truth of the story and to see how Aldi is today.  What they found was a happy toddler, who’s parents are doing the best they […]

Teenage Girls: Emotional Drinking?

With the fourth of July holiday coming up, research is showing that ER visits double due to alcohol and drug related accidents and injuries.  Coupled with that, teenage substance use is up across the board, following a decades long decline.  Lastly, girls, for the first time in many years, are catching up with their male […]