Moms Lie: Surprised?

We all lie. Even the most truthful of us have told a fib at one time or another. Ever have a telemarketer call the house and you pretend you aren’t you? Or when your mother calls, you tell your spouse to tell her you’re busy?  We tend to think of these as unimportant mistruths, that […]

You Can’t Hide…Your Lying Eyes

It seems as though in the face of the recent spate of lying scandals: Weiner, Schwarzenegger, Anthony: that there is a deeper problem to consider.  We are bombarded so often with stories that involve serious lies and cheating, that it may no longer register as being a problem.  As a society, we are becoming numb […]

Stormy Weather

Heidi Jones, a NYC-based meteorologist, admitted to fabricating a story regarding an alleged rape at the hands of a Latino man in Central Park this week, and is now facing misdemeanor charges and possibly a year in jail for creating a false report.  I was on The Early Show with Jack Ford talking with Harry […]