Parents vs. Grandparents: How to find balance

Grandparents are important in children’s lives, but the relationship between grandparents and the parents can sometimes be difficult. The best grandchild/grandparent relationships are those that are encouraged by the parent, who then steps back and lets them unfold. Of course, this is not always easy, especially if you don’t always agree with the things YOUR […]

Combating “Princess Syndrome”

You may not find it in a medical textbook, but many young girls suffer from Princess Syndrome daily.  What is Princess Syndrome, you ask?  A girl who suffers from PS lives life as a fairy-tale: focusing only on the pretty things, putting herself as the center of the universe, and obsessing about her looks (even […]

You Got My Child That?

The holidays are filled with so many wonderful things: family, friends, parties, religious endeavors, and, of course,  gifts. All of these things can bring us joy (along with the requisite stress), but it is the gifts that often create the greatest source of concern, especially if you have to worry about what people around you […]

Relationship Expectations

A recent study by of almost 5000 singles turned a lot of what we think about what men and women want in relationships on hit head.  Generally, the typical stereotypes of what men and women want did not hold up in the research.  So often, it has been thought that women are the ones […]

The Psychological Effects of Instant Fame

We’ve all been talking about Ted Williams, the homeless man with the “golden voice” who was thrust into the spotlight recently.  He’s an interesting story, as he really was down and out, losing his way in life and living on the streets, who gets a second chance in life to become what he had always […]

Forecasting the New Year

Surprisingly, or perhaps not so, certain days and months are going to be better for you this year than others.  Some researchers have been able to predict which days are going to be good, and which not so much, for you this year; when you should be aware of a potential break up and when […]

Reassessing relationships

Our lives are filled with relationships, and every so often, it is important to reevaluate which relationships in your life are positive and bringing you what you want, and which may not be and need to be changed and/or ended. Relationships, often, help to define who we are and have a great deal of influence […]

Small Changes, Big Results

The Early Show is doing a short series on small changes that you can make in your life that will result in positive changes for your well-being.  The segment focuses on mental health, physical health and dietary changes you can make to start the year off right.  I was on this morning talking about the […]

The “Perfect” Christmas

We all aim to make have the “perfect” holiday.  It should look perfect; people should act perfectly; everything should go perfectly.  We are bombarded with information to help us create perfection. Maybe, though, it is perfect if it is just “good enough.” Perfect is tough to achieve, and we create so much stress in trying […]

Making, and KEEPING, your resolutions

It’s that time of year again, when we identify the things we would like to do consistently for the upcoming year.  More than half of us will not get to February with our resolutions, when we will quit, forget or find something more important on which to focus. Keeping resolutions is not about willpower, despite […]

Parenting Preschoolers: Some valuable information

In doing some research for various things, I came across two very good articles that can help parents of preschoolers.  The first article focuses on common mistakes parents make with their 3-5 year olds and ways to be more skillful and effective parents.  WebMD put together some great tips on ways to help make parenting […]

How young is too young?

Everyone is talking about Abby Sunderland and her failed attempt to circumnavigate the globe on a solo sailing mission.  Was it too young? Was she trained enough? Were her parents exploiting the adventure to get notoriety, fame and money? The answer is maybe to all of these questions.  Certainly, there is a lot to worry […]

Too much, too soon?

I got to participate in a 2 part segment this week focusing on when it’s “too much, too soon?” Michelle Miller, of CBS, interviewed middle schoolers and freshmen in Hackensack and talked about digital media, dating and sex. The candid responses of the kids involved are terrific and really do shed some light on how […]

When is it too much?

There is a lot of interesting new data coming out about teens and living in the digital age. We are all worried that children spend too much time online watching TV, movies, using social media outlets. We worry that children won’t grow up to have positive relationships; we worry who they are coming into contact […]

Tips for happiness….

It’s hard to be happy all the time…even people that you know that appear happy all the time, probably aren’t. There are lots of factors that contribute to happiness: genetic, life circumstances and then personal choices. Believe it or not, our choices account for up to 40% of our happiness! That’s a pretty significant percentage, […]

Young dancers: Too sexy?

Here is the link to the CBS segment from yesterday. My friends and I are still discussing the dance performance and the message it sends to young girls. I’d love to know your thoughts.   Share/Bookmark