You Can’t Hide…Your Lying Eyes

It seems as though in the face of the recent spate of lying scandals: Weiner, Schwarzenegger, Anthony: that there is a deeper problem to consider.  We are bombarded so often with stories that involve serious lies and cheating, that it may no longer register as being a problem.  As a society, we are becoming numb […]

Is Revenge Healthy?

In the past week, with the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed, there have been many strong reactions. Some people are excited that revenge has been had. Others feel as though his death does not provide the closure that is so desired. But, what about revenge? Is it healthy to feel? I spoke […]

Coping with Aging

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently stated that he disliked looking at himelf in the mirror and that it depressed him to see how he looked now, at 63. His reaction is not unique. Growing older is not easy for most people. Although there are many positives to consider, the changes to our bodies, our appearance, our health, […]

A Mother’s Tragic Choice

I was on The Early Show speaking with Erica Hill and Kevin Ryan, the president of Covenant House, a child-care agency, about Kristin LaBrie. LaBrie is a Massachusetts mother who has been charged with attempted murder for withholding cancer medications from her autistic son, who was 9 years old when he died of leukemia in […]

How the “Fat Talk” Can Be Hurtful

The term “fat talk” was coined to describe negative conversations about body shape. A recent study found that women often feel pressured into engaging in these types of conversations. How often have you been with your friends when the discussion turns in this direction? When you, or your friend start to say things such as, […]

Teens Respond.

On Tuesday night, March 29th, I was lucky enough to speak with seven very intelligent teens about a recent video that had been posted to YouTube. The video was created by 13-year-old Alye Pollack of Westport, Connecticut. Throughout the video, Alye, never uttering a word, shows a series of handwritten signs to a camera, which […]

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda…

A recent survey examined regret and in what areas Americans regret the most. The top five regrets are: ROMANCE 18.1% FAMILY 15.9% EDUCATION 13.1% CAREER 12.2% FINANCE 9.9% I am not surprised by the variety of regret, but I am concerned about the amount of regret people are experiencing. Many people spend time thinking about […]

Talking to Kids about the Tsunami

Disasters occur. We have all seen it happen: 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Earthquake in Haiti, and now the Tsunami in Japan. It’s often difficult to know how to speak with children about these situations. Emotional reactions to these types of situations will vary in nature and severity from child to child. These responses are impacted by […]

Why do women hate themselves so much?

Recently, Glamour Magazine did a survey of approximately 300 women asking them to share their thoughts about their bodies.  The survey focused primarily on body image and the types of thoughts women have when thinking about their bodies.  Surprisingly, or perhaps not, 97% of the women reported having at least one “I hate  my body” […]

Discipline: When does it go too far?

Recently, there have been many reports of parents going to far with their disciplinary practices.  Not only are they publicly disciplining their children, they are then broadcasting the punishment online in some way.  One mother recently had her daughter tape her (the mother) punishing her son in a very abrasive, abusive way.  First, she had […]

Self-Injury and The Impact of YouTube

Non-suicidal self-injury is something that occurs amongst teens and young adults in alarming rates.  Current research indicates that almost 1 in 4 teens engages in some sort of deliberate self-harm as a means of regulating emotion.  This is an area of great interest to me and one that I specialize in within my private practice. […]

Why Couples Fight

Let’s face it, couples fight.  They just do.  No one agrees on everything.  Fighting isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either.  There can be some positive benefits to it.  In this entry, I talk a bit about the reasons that people do fight, and some strategies for fighting fair. There is a difference between annoyances and […]

Love everlasting? It may be true!

A recent study was released in the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience journalthat showed that even after 20-plus years of marriage, couples can be as in love with their significant others as they were when they first met and fell in love.  The researchers examined the brains of 17 people who claim to still be […]

The Psychological Effects of Instant Fame

We’ve all been talking about Ted Williams, the homeless man with the “golden voice” who was thrust into the spotlight recently.  He’s an interesting story, as he really was down and out, losing his way in life and living on the streets, who gets a second chance in life to become what he had always […]

Forecasting the New Year

Surprisingly, or perhaps not so, certain days and months are going to be better for you this year than others.  Some researchers have been able to predict which days are going to be good, and which not so much, for you this year; when you should be aware of a potential break up and when […]

Overcoming Self Doubt

I did a great segment this morning on overcoming self doubt.  We all feel it at different times, and don’t always know what to do with it.  Some questions about what it is, if it’s normal and some strategies to manage self doubt are below. The link from the segment is at the bottom of […]

Fighting the Post-Holiday Blues

Happy New Year!I got to be on The Early Show this morning with the new anchor team (who are GREAT, btw) talking about how to fight the post-holiday funk.  It was wonderful to start the new year with the new crew! WHY DO PEOPLE GET THE HOLIDAY BLUES? The post holiday blues are an extension […]

Parenting Preschoolers: Some valuable information

In doing some research for various things, I came across two very good articles that can help parents of preschoolers.  The first article focuses on common mistakes parents make with their 3-5 year olds and ways to be more skillful and effective parents.  WebMD put together some great tips on ways to help make parenting […]

Teenage Girls: Emotional Drinking?

With the fourth of July holiday coming up, research is showing that ER visits double due to alcohol and drug related accidents and injuries.  Coupled with that, teenage substance use is up across the board, following a decades long decline.  Lastly, girls, for the first time in many years, are catching up with their male […]

Suicide vs. Homicide? Which occurs more?

A recent study was released reporting that suicide rates are now twice as high as homicide rates. Suicide ranks 11th among causes of death across ages, gender and cultures. Suicide occurs at higher rates among men, American Indians, Caucasians and people between 45-54 years of age. The age shift is dramatic, as it used to […]