How young is too young?

Everyone is talking about Abby Sunderland and her failed attempt to circumnavigate the globe on a solo sailing mission. ¬†Was it too young? Was she trained enough? Were her parents exploiting the adventure to get notoriety, fame and money? The answer is maybe to all of these questions. ¬†Certainly, there is a lot to worry […]

Too much, too soon?

I got to participate in a 2 part segment this week focusing on when it’s “too much, too soon?” Michelle Miller, of CBS, interviewed middle schoolers and freshmen in Hackensack and talked about digital media, dating and sex. The candid responses of the kids involved are terrific and really do shed some light on how […]

Young dancers: Too sexy?

Here is the link to the CBS segment from yesterday. My friends and I are still discussing the dance performance and the message it sends to young girls. I’d love to know your thoughts.   Share/Bookmark

When is enough, enough? Sexualizing young girls

The video linked below is creating a lot of controversy, and sparking off a great deal of discussion. I was on CBS’ The Early Show, Saturday edition, this morning discussing it. Young girls, between 7 and 9, were filmed at a dance competition dancing to Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies.” They were dressed scantily and dancing […]