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Is it normal to have a favorite child (or dislike your spouse)?

As TODAY’s new “Is It Normal?” series continues, family psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein answers relationship questions you might never admit wondering about, including whether it’s OK to have a favorite child (it’s normal, but you shouldn’t play favorites) or even dislike your spouse sometimes (it’s only natural, as long as you still love them).

Screen time and your child’s development: What you need to know

Today’s kids are the first generation to grow up in the age of digital media: What effect is it having on them? Psychologist Jennifer Hartstein tells TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager that the news isn’t all bad: Using apps on smartphones and tablets is more active than just watching television.

How to talk to your kids about the election

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein tells TODAY that whether you’re happy or sad about the victory of Donald Trump, children are absorbing the energy and reactions of the adults around them. She shares tips on how to help your kids make sense of the election.

How to deal with pushy parents

Some parents (you know who you are) get a little too competitive on the sidelines of their kids’ sporting events. How can you encourage your children to do their best on the playing field [...]

The Plan to Resolve Any Family Conflict

Virtually every family has experienced some sort of conflict between its members. Maybe it’s a fight between siblings over who gets their mother’s china, or an argument between spouses about parenting or a disagreement with [...]

Which part of your body do you study in a mirror?

TODAY utilizes eye-tracking software to pinpoint where on their own bodies people’s eyes focus when they analyze their own reflections. Cynthia Bulik, a psychiatry professor, and Jennifer Hartstein, a clinical psychologist, join TODAY to [...]